Blog Rules

Posting Comments

Comments are an important part of blogging.  Comments allow you, the reader, to add feedback to posts and pages, they extend the conversation beyond the post and allow us to interact.

Just a few comments can make your children realise that they are writing for a global audience which for many is incredibly motivating, and a thoughtful comment from a parent can mean so much to a child.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”  Same goes for this blog, so there need to be rules.  Express yourself, share your opinion, but be sure to follow these guidelines for posting comments:

  1. Respect the opinions of other commenters.  Don’t be rude, mean or bully others.

  2. Keep language clean.  Comments that use inappropriate language in any way will not be posted.

  3. Don’t add hyperlinks to other web sites in your comments.

  4. Stay safe – never give out personal details of you or anyone else.

  5. Do not ask other people for their personal details.

  6. Be aware that your comment will not appear straight away.  It will be reviewed by a member of staff and possibly edited before posting.

Comments count!