Vision and Ethos

Our vision is underpinned by two key phrases: ‘Aspiration for All’ and ‘Live life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10)


At Honington CEVCP School we are committed to our ethos as a warm, welcoming, nurturing school where we recognise and develop the unique gifts and personal qualities of all. We offer a Christian approach to learning which is underpinned by our motto, ‘Aspiration for All,’ and, from the Bible, ‘Live life in all its fullness.’ (John 10:10)

We aim to provide an excellent education for everyone, so that all pupils will flourish in childhood and on into adolescence and adulthood. We aim to equip all members of our school community with the knowledge, skills, personal resilience, creativity, emotional intelligence and social skills that give them every opportunity to experience lifelong success and happiness.

This Vision and Ethos statement was created as part of a project involving all stakeholders in Spring 2019.


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