Church School

Honington Church Suffolk

Here at Honington we are a Church of England Voluntary Controlled School.

At Honington everyone is welcome. We support a caring, Christian ethos which is entirely relevant to and inclusive of all faiths and beliefs as well as those with no faith.

We enjoy strong links with our church community and are fortunate to be able to regularly hold assemblies, celebrations and other events in the Church.

What does being a Church of England Voluntary Controlled School actually mean?

Church of England schools are established primarily for the communities they are located in. They are inclusive and serve equally those who are of the Christian faith, those of other faiths and those with no faith.

Church schools are recognised for their distinctive Christian ethos and the impact this has on standards and all round education. The proportions of Church schools regarded as ‘outstanding’ (by Ofsted) is much higher than the national norm and yet the Church schools are fully inclusive.

The Church school system is managed and developed through the individual dioceses. Each Diocese has a Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) which is served by a Diocesan Director of Education (DDE). DBEs oversee local developments and support schools on a day to day basis.

Key Facts

– Approximately 1 million children attend C of E schools

– About 15 million people alive today went to one

– 25% (4484) of all primary and middle schools are C of E193 (6.25%) secondary schools are C of E

– With 50 sponsored and 208 converter academies, the Church is the biggest provider in England

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